The creation of a Local Village Water Borehole Managed by FLYDA

(Front line Youth Development Association)

The Youth of Medina Salam are to be commended, they have come together and cleaned the village, nearly completed a local mosque project and will now embark on a borehole for part of the village where there is no access to water. 


We have viewed the young children having to cross a once quiet, but now very busy main coastal road, to fetch water from the centre of the village. 


A borehole would support these children and women with clean water for half of the village where there is no immediate access. 

If you would like to make a donation please feel free to contact Ousman Mballow Email: Tel +220 2980712/3904531 or Contact us on Email: Tel: +220 2026784

The renovation of 'Secku Musa Touray'  School in Medina Salam


Secku Musa Touray' Primary School consists of 200 pupils 45% Boys and 55% Girls, There are 6 classrooms (only 3 in use) and 2 offices (only 1 in use).  The school takes pupils from Nursery to grade 12. 


There are currently not enough chairs, tables and school equipment for the pupils. The teachers do not have an adequately equipped space to effectively conduct their meetings/markings etc. 


The school also requires fencing for safety purposes, as the general public uses the field as a short cut to the beach. 


All donations are welcome, even a bag of cement goes a long way in making 33 bricks towards a school wall.  A bag of cement cost £4.76. 


If you would like to make the cement donation please feel free to contact Secku Touray on Email: Tel: +220 7503212 or Contact us on Email: Tel: +220 2026784