There is so much to do in your time in the Gambia 

Walking with the Lions in Senegal at Fatala Safari Park


On this Safari you will get up close and personal with the wild animals and you will be able to take part in

'Walking with the Lions' 

Fatala Nature Reserve - Hamlet Gambia Tours

Visit Albreda, Juffureh & Kunta Kinteh Island


Visit the Juffureh Cultural Centre and the Slave Museum  Take a boat trip with Kora Player and Drummer on board to Kunta Kinteh Island

Enjoy a meal with the local villagers.  You will also be invited to take part in an African Naming Ceremony where you can be adopted into an African family.

Juffureh & Kunta Kinteh Island - AJCE & Hamlet Gambia Tours

Other must See Excursions include:-

* Katchikally Crocodile Pool & Cultural Museum in Bakau

*Camel Riding in the fishing village of Tanjir

*Pelican River Cruise in Kartong

*Makasutu Eco Forest see the Monkeys, Baboons

*Snake Farm in Medina Salam/Kartong

*The Great Mosque in the Sea in Medina Salam